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Longevity Flower brand corn oil "golden trip to visit the source " harvest a lot

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    Recently, Shandong Sanxing Group for its brand corn oil Longevity Flower organization called "golden embryo trip to visit the source of" product exhibition, invited more than 100 consumers from Beijing, Shandong, Zhejiang and other parts of the country, the witness longevity quality and security bases flowers golden corn germ oil layout and production process, its unique process personal experience "Golden Embryo 12" to which corn oil created and received unexpected results. China Food Newspaper reporter activities were also tracking coverage.
    Reporters feel, Longevity Flower unique advantages brand corn germ oil, gold, first of all there should be reflected in its "golden embryo" reputation of raw materials. It is understood that all the raw materials culled from the main producing areas of corn gold Longevity Flower green industrial base, and by more than a dozen rigorous processes optimized through 120 days of sunlight to reach the critical point of the highest nutritional quality non-genetically modified corn germ .
    Event, part of the hill press the same "gold embryo" has attracted the attention of visitors. We not only have a hand to feel these "gold embryo", some holding up smell, bite a bite. Zhao Wen from Nanchang side edge praise: "golden color, full particles, smells really mellow, there is no common germ that rough feeling."
    Jinan is not only a consumer using a mobile phone to their "Golden embryo" of a photo together, also pinched the pocket. He said: "I'm gonna go back to look at his wife, and she always likes to use Longevity Flower brand corn oil to cook, take back the 'golden embryo' let her see this style also edible raw."
Shenzhen, a consumer told reporters that she had witnessed in Inner Mongolia Tongliao, Liaoning Tieling production base, a taste of the other side of the fresh air and beautiful scenery, feel the so-called "golden corn belt" really deserved reputation.
    Activities, consumers from across the country visited the production process longevity gold wreath of corn germ oil, witnessed the "golden embryo twelve" advanced technology of its cutting-edge technology with industry standards. Reporters saw, selected out of the "Golden Embryo" by low-temperature physics squeezing output of crude oil, the need to moderate after eight continuous refining technology and room temperature dewaxing process, in order to complete the refining segment. As the entire process using a "full sealed nitrogen protection" patented technology, the world's leading technology GMP filling technology and native nutrient retention technology, there is no need to add any flavors, colors, preservatives and other food additives, to ensure that the natural nutrients of corn oil not lost, as well as safety, health, pollution.
    Anhui One consumer said: "I am an ordinary housewife, but not professional and had seen Longevity Flower production process, made me very well especially Longevity Flower golden corn germ oil raw materials used to me. impressed, full particles transparent, a look that is a good germ, plus the less advanced equipment and technology, the quality of Longevity Flower golden corn germ oil is certainly superb, after I eat more at ease. "
    A consumer from Chengdu also full of praise: "I eat corn germ oil Longevity Flower gold has been more than four years, the cooking oil will not put too much tired, and very fresh, no fumes from the see it. producers is so big, so powerful and strong, really opened my eyes, can do so only estimate corn oil field longevity spent. "
A doctor from Beijing to tell you, to participate in the activities of this brigade Longevity Flower gold embryo visit the source, he was most impressed by is the bottling plant. Really too advanced, really did not expect so much momentum, full automation, and even warehouses are three-dimensional, automated, sure to make quality products. In addition, he is a love clean people, especially for something very particular about eating, visiting a lap down, he felt Longevity Flower plant or whether it is the headquarters of the production base, either workshop or factory, are so clean and looked after was very ease. He said that after listening to the supermarket is no longer any shopping guide referral, and direct payments to buy Longevity Flower corn germ oil.
Moreover, to maximize the retention of nutrients and plant sterols linoleic acid, vitamin E, but also to ensure the longevity of the wreath of corn oil's status as the highest level of similar products. It is understood that, as a Chinese Cereals and Oils Association produced products, Longevity Flower uses online intelligent detection system, the key parameters of the system is not only able to carry out every aspect of the production of the collection, recording, and monitoring results instantly transmitted to the computer, but also through specific automation software for processing of anomalies in computer window, heard the alarm sound manner, so that all records can be achieved summary inquiry and traceable, so that every step of substandard products can be identified, to avoid the traditional Detection of potential uncertainties, product quality, production efficiency is greatly improved.
    A consumer from Xian to visit the side edges of applause: "Technology really advanced, cold pressed, nitrogen preservation, really do not know these lines in scale, advanced technology did not come before, it is an eye-opener, really looked at ease.."
    Anhui is also a consumer s feelings: "Such a large bottling plant inside a few people, all automated, and the ground just like a mirror, too clean Seeing is believing, so strict hygiene to control. Food safety is certainly secure, reassuring way. "
    Reporters that Shandong Sanxing Group in good faith, pragmatic and open-minded, to show consumers their entire production process Longevity Flower gold corn germ oil, a move not only false, but also enable consumers to spend more letters  brand, more safe to eat this product, resulting in exceptional value for money. At the same time, as China demonstrated its oldest and largest, world-class manufacturer of corn oil's unique charm.

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